August 17, 2011 at 10:14 am

Majestron Watches

I found my late Grandfather's old Majestron Quartz train series pocket watch. The pocket watch is manufacturered by Majestron. Majestron Pocket Watch Gold Double Dust Cover Pocket Watch. This MAJESTRON brand pocket watch features a raised wildbird taking flight in antique gold metal. Majestron old pocket watches for sale, buy cheap Majestron pocket watches. The pocket watch is manufacturered by Majestron. MAJESTRON Majestic Brand New Gents Pocket Watch, Quartz movement, black leather,Silver metal base.

Majestron Watches

  • I was given a pocket watch and I need some info on it's history and the value for my insurance It's made by majestime and has a 17 jewel movement.
  • 17 Jewel Majestime Swiss made pocketwatch with hunting case.
  • Gold Plated Majestime Hunters Pocket Watch.
  • Inside etched case is written Majesti Watch Co Inc, Base Metal, Swiss Made.
  • Best Answer: they are terrible, they only last about a year.
  • after that the crappy oil they use dries up and the watch ceases to function.

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