October 1, 2011 at 6:26 am

Photoshop Color Swatches

Swatches are groups, or libraries, of colors. Downloadable swatch collections for Adobe software, including ImageReady and Photoshop: VisiBone. aco color swatches for Adobe software on PC's. visibone. In Photoshop Elements, use the Color Swatches to get the most out of your tools. You can even drag and drop the .ase file into the active area of your Photoshop. mention it in case you have a need for future features. Download Free Photoshop swatches, swatch, color schemes, color combination, Theme colours and Load them in Photoshop to Boost your Creativity.

Photoshop Color Swatches

  • Adobe ® Photoshop ® Elements 6. April 7, 2008.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 Working with Color Swatches.
  • For easy and accurate color selection, the Swatches palette provides over 130 of the most used colors.
  • How to use color swatches in Photoshop to save colors for using again and how to make your own swatches of hard to find colors like browns and greens.
  • Our color library contains over 150 pages containing over 5000 color swatches with corresponding RGB values based on Illustrator and Photoshop swatch libraries.
  • You can make a color table of up to 256 colors from a photograph.

More information about Photoshop Color Swatches on the site: http://hubblesource.stsci.edu

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