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Rxw Watches

Other (non-Rolex) Watch Topics > Watches (Non-Rolex) Forum Quote from web site. Despite it's look, it is ABSOLUTELY NOT a Panerai replica. gt;> Click on image for full details: Showing Page 1 of 1. Latest Updates (21/7/2012 – Saturday. I think that if you make a watch that looks exactly like another one and just put another name on it it's still a copy and not an homage. Japan Question Forum: RXW watch by Ken's trading. Note that this thread has not been updated in a long time, and its content might not be up-to-date anymore. Before I bought the Panerai Black Seal PAM 183, I bought this RXW MM25 Poseidon.

Rxw Watches

  • Its a Japanese company, but a Swiss Made watch made by Ken’s Trading.
  • Dear business partners, dear watch connoisseurs, Following my 90th birthday in September 2006, I made the decision to slowly retreat from the active business world.
  • RXW MM20: Just wanted to warn people, if they ever read this: I have recently seen RXW MM20 on eBay that are NOT real MM20s.
  • Ken Sato’s ROCKX SOLID Plasmir Milgraph watch is described as a military chronograph that is designed to attract a lot of attention from collectors.
  • Welcome to Korsbek Watch Company, maker of superior dive and military watches.
  • For sale is a BRAND NEW Orignal RXW MARINA MILITARE MM20 47mm.

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